Uncover their Past : Protect your Future


Our Technology

CIA utilizes the latest technology to exchange up-to-date information and ensure prompt turn-around. We succeed by combining our experienced personnel with our highly efficient technology which allows us to qualify, deliver, and manage every step of the background screening process.

Our Commitment

CIA assists our clients in selecting the right employees, volunteers, and tenants by providing the requested information in a timely manner. A high level of service is essential in the background screening business so we adapt to meet the needs of our clients and are always available for a consultation to ensure our clients are satisfied.

Our Solutions

CIA offers a streamlined process allowing background requests to be completed accurately and promptly so our clients can make the most informed decisions. We offer personalized ordering solutions to match your guidelines and budget for simplicity and efficiency. For a well-rounded background screening solution, check out our Four Step Process.


Stay Informed

  • In the US, legal issues and considerations exist at federal, state, and local levels.
  • CIA realizes the importance of keeping up with the assortment of challenging and involved statutes, laws, and regulations.
  • We take compliance seriously and educate our clients if there is updated information that may affect the screening process. In addition, we review all reports and follow a 50 State Compliance Guide for assurance.

Protect Your Applicants

  • Background checks disclose highly sensitive information about individuals.
  • CIA understands it is imperative that the confidentiality of information is appropriately and strictly secured.
  • We use six levels of protection to secure online data, and reports are archived on our website to mitigate the risk of stolen information from printed materials.

Screen Effectively

  • Time is valuable and efficiency allows a company to be successful.
  • CIA recognizes that screening each applicant equally eliminates the possibility of discrimination and helps avoids costly mistakes.
  • We offer two options: customized package ordering and pre-set instructions to assist our clients in screening consistently and quickly.