County Criminal Record (CRI)

  • 1-3 Days
  • One of the most common searches conducted by employers. All 3100+ US counties are offered. Reports real-time county courthouse information including felonies and misdemeanors covering the standard seven-year time frame and often longer. Best conducted in all known areas where the applicant has lived, worked, traveled, and studied.

County Civil Record (CIV)

  • 2-5 Days
  • Most are name only matches. Returns information from county repositories regarding divorce, child support, adoption, wrongful death claims, personal injury claims, bankruptcies, judgments, tax liens, lawsuits, and other matters.

Federal Criminal Record Search (FED)

  • 24 Hours
  • Most are name only matches. Not found in county or state repositories; only found by searching the 94 Federal Judicial Disricts in the US. Reports Federal court information including acts which have been made criminal by Federal law such as: homicide, robbery of a bank, immigration, firearm charges, certain sex offenses, tax evasion, interstate kidnapping, embezzlement, interstate drug trafficking, and crimes aboard an aircraft.
  • Ordered per district, state, or as a nationwide search.

National Criminal Database - Our CIA Super Search (CSS)

  • Instant
  • Contains over 650 national and international sources from criminal repositories, sex offender registries, and security watch-lists. Should be used as a supplement or pre-screen option; re-verification is suggested to confirm subject identity and current disposition.
  • Ordered as a nationwide search or per state. Monthly monitoring available.

National Sex Offender Registry (NSO)

  • 24 Hours
  • Typically contains information on individuals who have committed sexually violent offenses against adults and children, as well as certain sexual contact and other crimes against victims who are minors.
  • Ordered as a nationwide search or per state. Monthly monitoring available

National Wants & Warrants Search (NWW)

  • 1-3 Days
  • A database of records collected from various states, counties, and law enforcement agencies revealing if a person has an outstanding warrant; however, it is not all-inclusive. Should be followed up with a county criminal record search for re-verification to confirm the information reported.

State Criminal Record (CRI)

  • 1-3 Days
  • Ordered per state; not all states have a repository and many states lack a process for keeping the repository up-to-date and accurate. Should be followed up with a county criminal record search in all known areas of residence to ensure a complete scope of screening.

Criminal Monitoring

  • Monthly recurring check

International Criminal Record (INT)

  • 7-10+ Days
  • Offered for over 50 countries/areas around the world.

Court Copies

  • 7-10+ Days
  • Obtain copies of case files for additional identifiers, conviction details, etc.