Alias Alert

  • Free Service
  • When aliases are reported, we notify you or always order additional searches* for applicable alias/maiden names and DOBs (*priced accordingly)

Re-verification Alert

  • Free Service
  • When records are reported on a database search, we notify you or always order the corresponding real-time search* for accurate and up-to-date records so you remain FCRA-compliant (*priced accordingly).

Photo ID Badging

  • 24 Hours
  • Add to any request as proof that a background check was completed; online weblink available for badge number/status verification. Customized to match your preferences.

Business & Asset Services

  • 1-3 Days
  • Business Credit Check, Corporate Records, FBN/DBA Search, Real Property Records, Vehicle Records, Bankruptcies/Liens/Judgments

Criminal Monitoring

  • Monthly recurring check

International Criminal Record (INT)

  • 7-10+ Days
  • Offered for over 50 countries/areas around the world.

International Verifications

  • 7-10+ Days
  • Education and Employment Verifications offered for over 50 countries/areas around the world.

Department of Transportation Verification (DOT)

  • 1-3+ Days
  • For DOT compliance, verify transportation history to ensure applicant is ready to operate a company vehicle. Research questions include: general performance for previous work, safe vehicle operation, accident history, substance abuse history, etc. All questions comply with DOT regulations.

Court Copies

  • 7-10+ Days
  • Obtain copies of case files for additional identifiers, conviction details, etc.