Employment Verification (EMP)

  • 1-3+ Days
  • Confirms information provided by the applicant and employment history. Ordered per employere; only factual information is obtained.

Education Verification (EDU)

  • 1-3+ Days
  • Generally completed on the highest level of education; it is essential to have the name used at the time of attendance. Information obtained through the registrar’s office or institution responsible.

Reference Verification (REF)

  • 1-3+ Days
  • Ordered per source - can be personal or professional. Our research criteria consist of a 15-question inquiry focused towards establishing the applicant's the work capacity.

License Verification (LIC)

  • 1-3+ Days
  • Ordered per professional/state - can be professional or occupational license. Normally requested because the license is a requirement for employment. Reported information generally includes: license holder's current name, address, type, number, status, and issue/expiration dates.

International Verifications

  • 7-10+ Days
  • Education and Employment Verifications offered for over 50 countries/areas around the world.

Department of Transportation Verification (DOT)

  • 1-3+ Days
  • For DOT compliance, verify transportation history to ensure applicant is ready to operate a company vehicle. Research questions include: general performance for previous work, safe vehicle operation, accident history, substance abuse history, etc. All questions comply with DOT regulations.