Follow our Simple Four-Step Process


  • Step 1: CIA Identity Validation
    Our Social Security Trace is the foundation of a background investigation; it validates the SSN and reports associated addresses, aliases, & DOB’s. Our philosophy is to initially validate the identity of an applicant before requesting their criminal history.

  • Step 2: CIA Criminal Record Searches
    Next, county, state*, and Federal searches should be requested for a minimum seven-year period for each related alias, if any. Appropriate areas are based on the address history reported in the Social Security Trace and any other known locations of residence, work, travel, etc.

    *A state search, when in place of a county search, is only recommended if the associated state offers real-time information that meets our exacting standards for data accuracy. Currently, less than one-third of states offer such repositories.

  • Step 3: CIA Character Confirmation
    Additionally, we recommend ordering Professional Reference and Employment Verifications in addition to searching the Sex Offender Registry that corresponds to each reported and known state of residence. Due to Megan’s Law, every state must provide a repository of convicted and registered sexual offenders.

  • Step 4: CIA Super Search
    Lastly, because crimes are not isolated to reported and known addresses, we recommend ordering this instant database search that includes over 650 criminal data, sex offender registry, and security watch-list sources from around the nation. This search provides another layer of security in the screening process by gaining an overview of an applicant’s history which may uncover additional records.

Follow these recommendations for a well-rounded screening practice.

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