Follow our Simple Four-Step Process for effective Tenant Screening

Step 1: CIA Identity Validation

  • Our Social Security Trace is the foundation of a background investigation. This search instantly validates the SSN and provides a history of the associated addresses, dates of residence, alias names, & DOBs as used in commerce.
  • This is an extremely powerful, effective, and revealing search. We recommend using the information reported to determine in which counties to conduct a Criminal Record search.
  • Our philosophy is to initially validate the identity of an applicant before requesting their criminal history. The Social Security Trace can help indicate whether the SSN is likely accurate or not and is a good supplemental tool for locating addresses linked to the applicant that may have been omitted from the application purposely.

Step 2: CIA Super Search

  • Our National Criminal Database contains over 650 national and international sources including criminal record, sex offender registry, and security watch-list information. This search is a database of records collected from a patchwork of state and local sources from 46 states and other US territories, making it one of the largest in the industry. There are only 46 states that currently have their public records data available through instant online criminal gateways.
  • This is the best way to search almost the entire country in one instant search. We recommend using this search because it provides another layer of security in the screening process by gaining an overview of an applicant’s history which may uncover additional records not limited to known and reported addresses. A search should be conducted for each alias name and DOB.
  • Although it allows a wider scope of coverage, a National Criminal Database is not all-inclusive. Our philosophy is to combine it with county-level Criminal Record searches for FCRA-compliance and the most current and thorough information.

Step 3: CIA Criminal History

  • Our criminal history searches are conducted by our nationwide research team managed through automation in our proprietary system and produce results in 24 hours on average.
  • County and Federal Criminal Record searches should be requested for a minimum seven-year period in all known and reported areas of residence, work, travel, etc. A search should be conducted for each alias name and DOB. This combined with our CIA Super Search is the best chance to uncover criminal records.
  • State Criminal Record searches are recommended as a supplement to county-level searches. We offer statewide searches in 41 states; however only seven meet our exact­ing standards for data accuracy and provide complete results.
  • Lastly, the National Sex Offender Registry search should be included for the most up-to-date registered offender information.

Step 4: CIA Rental Validation

  • We recommend ordering Verifications; Previous and Current Landlord, Current Employor, Professional Reference (1), and Personal Reference (1) in addition to Eviction Record Searches in each state of residence and a Tenant Credit Check with Score in order to determine rental history status.
  • Our new service offering, "Tenant Profile Report", is best included also. that corresponds to the information listed on the application and Social Security Trace in order to determine rental history status.
  • By thoroughly researching, a property-owner can improve the chances that the tenant has portrayed accurate leasing background, credit standing, and income details.

Follow these recommendations for a well-rounded screening practice.

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