13th Annual Christmas Wish List Program

Dear Project PASS Students,


We would like to help make this holiday season a blessed one for you. Please fill in all information on the following form. Once you click on “submit,” you will receive an email with your assigned number (such as I-21 or N-12, etc.), and instructions for picking up your gifts.

This form must be submitted no later than October 31st. If you have circumstances that will require additional time, please text or call Ms Johnston @ 214-202-0225

The sooner you turn in your wish list, the more time your shopper has to choose the perfect gifts for you!

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We will not share the above information. It is for our records and internal use only.
There are many items from which you may select. Think about what you really want.
Please do not check every item listed.
It will confuse your shopper.

Your wish list will be chosen by someone who is looking forward to bringing you joy and who will give you the best gifts they can afford. Help your shopper get to know you by choosing items you would really like to receive and listing details.

Select up to three (3) items from this list:
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Do you have a child or children?
If "yes", then a link to a wishlist will be displayed for your child after you submit this form. Please also fill out your child’s wish list.