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Why run Background Checks for Church Volunteers

Why run background checks for church volunteers

The church must be a safe place to take our children. All who participate in work with minor children must comply with all ecclesiastical and legal regulations and requirements.

It is not enough that you know your volunteers personally, or that they have a good job history. It is also necessary to confirm the information they tell you thorough volunteer background screening.

Who needs a background check?

Those who have direct contact with children are defined as the care, supervision, guidance or control, and routine interaction with children. Routine interaction with children is defined as regular and repeated contact that is part of an individual's job or volunteer responsibilities.

Background check, why is it important?

Once we have completed the interviews for a vacancy and selected the ideal volunteer, we must continue with the validation by checking on their background.

It is important that the volunteer coordinator carry out background checks, and thus be able to continue with the screening of the volunteers, verifying basic information such as whether or not they have a criminal history. Even some churches carry out more exhaustive validations at a social, academic, and credit level, among others.

Although not all selection processes require all these verifications, this depends on the type of position, the processes, and the culture of the church, which normally defines the levels of verification.

To carry out the verification of volunteers’ backgrounds, it is advisable to take help from the private church background check services such as Clear Investigative Advantage.

With the help of a professional and experienced background volunteer check company, we can easily validate the background of the volunteers immediately, which allows for a much more efficient and faster recruitment process. It is important to evaluate and validate many types of online background checks for churches.

It is recommended to evaluate, for example:>

  • County Criminal background check for church volunteers.
  • Federal Criminal background check for church volunteers.
  • County Civil background check for church volunteers.
  • Federal Civil background check for church volunteers.
  • Sex Offender Registry check for church volunteers
  • Credit risk, when working with money

It may seem that there is a lot that needs to be done, but it is really necessary if we want to avoid incorporating people into the church who have not been truthful on their volunteer applications.

For example, in recent years, cases of falsified titles have increased, so volunteer background check will allow those who have falsified this type of information to be removed from the list of applicants.

Benefits of evaluating the background of volunteers:

Background checks on volunteers bring many benefits to the church. In the first place, it reduces the time and money invested in volunteers who do not really meet the profile that the church needs. But this is not the only advantage; To the above, we could add the following:

  • It allows you to know if the volunteers fit with the culture of your church.
  • You can trust the volunteer who manages to be accepted for the position you need to fill.
  • You will check the performance of the volunteers after contacting previous employers.
  • You will know the reasons why the volunteers were absent or were separated from the companies to which they previously belonged.

Church volunteer background checks can be done by an organization's human resources team. However, if you want to speed up the process or do not have this area enabled in the church, you can always outsource this service.

At Clear Investigative Advantage, we can take care of the validation of the background of the people who have applied to volunteer. Contact us for more information!

How can Clear Investigative Advantage help me in this process?

At Clear Investigative Advantage, we are specialized in services that will make the process of on boarding volunteers a simpler task, thus allowing us to screen for ideal volunteer with peace of mind. We provide full services background checks, and information that will be sent within 24 hours to your email in a simple format that will allow you to know relevant points regarding your volunteer’s background:

  • Identity verification.
  • County Criminal records.
  • Federal Criminal records
  • County Civil records.
  • Federal Civil records
  • Ministry background check.
  • Affiliations

Every volunteer relationship must start on the right foot, that's why from Clear Investigative Advantage, you can purchase this service with complete peace of mind.

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